Brexit – A Revolt Against Globalisation.

IB Economics & IB Business. On Thursday June 23rd the British people voted in a referendum to leave the European Union ( EU). The value of the Pound promptly dropped 10% and stock markets around the word fell. As a British citizen myself who is on holiday in the UK, I thought that it would be apposite to make Brexit the topic of my next blog post.  Brexit is short for a ‘ British exit’ of the EU. So what has Brexit got to do with the IB Economics and IB Business courses? A lot. The topics of ‘ globalization’, … Continue reading Brexit – A Revolt Against Globalisation.

The Course Key Concepts – IB Business & Management

IB Business & Management. The Key Concepts – The New Syllabus for Examinations Starting In May 2016.  The teaching of the new syllabus should be based around three elements; the course content (the syllabus), contexts (the companies that you study throughout the course, whether they be related to your Internal Assessment, an Extended Essay, case studies that you have done in class, a company that you are familiar with) and the key concepts. See the following diagram: – Course Key Concepts *  Change  A famous adage in business is that if a business does not adapt to the changing external … Continue reading The Course Key Concepts – IB Business & Management