Step Two – Using Good Article Sources

IB Economics.

Your article sources must be news media sources, containing the latest news about an economics issue. Remember: you cannot use the same source for more than one commentary. Each source should be different for each commentary.

I tell my students to use the following sources:- Huge collection of current news stories from sources around the world UK-based but with world-wide news stories List of news web sites from different African countries. Especially useful for Section 5 or for other commentaries where you want something about the “majority world” Links to news websites in English based in just about every country you have ever heard of. The Times (subscription only).  The Independent The Guardian The New York Times (subscription only)  Reuters The Daily Telegraph (subscription only)  

The Independent


Notice something. The Economist magazine and the Financial Times are not on the above list. It is not recommended that you choose articles from these publications because they already analyse and evaluate the economic situation that they are talking about within the article itself. You are expected to do this within your commentary.

Also be warned. Some of the above news sources allow you to view an article once, but the next time you login you are asked to subscribe to the publication, and you cannot see the article again. If you see a good article, therefore, copy and paste it into another document straight away!