Business Internal Assessment – The Introduction

Business & Management.

The introduction of your business internal assessment (IA) is very important because it is the first thing that your teacher, and any coursework moderators, will read. Is important, therefore, to make a good impression from the beginning.

Here is a template that I use to help students write their introduction. The advice that I give is start straight away with the business issue, problem or decision that you are investigating. A common mistake is to start your introduction giving a brief description of the company, it´s history etc. Avoid doing this. Only describe or explain your chosen company towards the end of the introduction if you have to. Remember, to keep your introduction brief – about 300 words for a Standard Level IA, and 400 for a Higher Level IA.

Description of problem / issue or decision the business has to make.

What effects are there on the company because of the problem?

Context (background situation).

Why is the problem / issue / decision important for the company?

What may happen to the company if they cannot resolve the problem / cannot make the decision?

Brief description / history of the company.

Carnival Float, Sao Paulo, 2015.
Carnival Float, Sao Paulo, 2015.